The Denver Broncos have been an interesting story this season. Earlier this year they had to manage games under their backup quarterback Brock Osweiler. Interestingly enough, Osweiler led the Broncos to an overtime victoryover the New England Patriots earlier this year.Peyton Manning, who is arguably one of thebest quarterbacks of all-time,has perhaps had one of the most difficult years of his professional career. Manning suffered an injury but became healthy just in time for the playoffs, and to make a long story short the Broncos are now going to represent the AFC in Super Bowl 50.

The Denver Broncos once again defeated the New England Patriots in order to gain the right to advance to Super Bowl 50.

The game was hotly contested, and was a strong defensive battle throughout. In the wind-up, Denver was able to come out on top by a close score of 20-18. The onslaught began with a fairly balanced offensive attack that was highlighted by two touchdown passes to Owen Daniels.

By halftime, the Broncos went into the locker room up by a score of 17-9. The second half was a much more difficult struggle for the Denver Broncos, however, they held off the Patriots by constantly pinning them deep in their own territory. Denver complemented that strategy by holding to a strong interior pass rush, which limited New England quarterback Tom Brady, kept him off balance, and took away his ability to feel comfortable in the pocket.

Indeed, Denver's defense was so nasty that they also limited New England to just a 2 of 15 mark on 3rd down attempts.

The Broncos led for most of the game and had a 20-12 lead heading into the 2 minute warning of the 4th quarter. However, the Patriots came alive and in their last gasp they were able to score on a Brady touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski with less than a minute remaining on the clock.

The key play in the game came when the Patriots attempted to tie the game with a two-point attempt. In a touch of irony, the Patriots elected to throw the ball instead of going with a running play and the pass was subsequently intercepted.

With 12 seconds left on the clock, the Patriots had one last gasp.

They lined for an onside kick but it was recovered by a Broncos defender. Denver took a knee. Game. Set. Match. The Broncos are going to Super Bowl 50 and will face the Carolina Panthers.

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