A Curry-less Warriors team still managed to beat the Rockets by a score of 114 to 110 Thursday night as Stephen Curry was out with a leg injury. Draymond Green posted a 5th triple-double to lead the NBA and got asked if Curry should worry if Green was after Curry’s job at point guard.

Green, other teammates help team as Curry-less Warriors beat Houston

Green just laughed and said Curry didn’t have anything to worry about. Green did have 16 assists, which was a career high for him, as well as adding 10 points and getting 11 rebounds during the game.

Green says he merely stepped up and made plays, and that they talked about trying to slow down the game and work on executing their offense.

Another player of the evening that helped save the Warriors night was Klay Thompson, who got six three-pointers during the game, leading with 38 points. He and James Harden traded baskets all evening, as the Golden State Warriors were able to do something the Rockets couldn’t seem to accomplish: making plays down the stretch.

Houston made attempt to catch Warriors to no avail

Houston cut the Curry-less Warriors lead down to three points when Harden managed to complete a jump shot, but there was only five minutes left in the game and the Warriors then got six more points, as well as a dunk from Andre Iguodala to Bogut, which made the score 111-102 with the Warriors on top.

Harden got 30 points for the Rockets, but the team has lost seven straight regular-season games to the Warriors.

Livingston, who started in place of the reigning MVP, scored 13 points in the contest.

Dallas Maverick's coachRick Carlisle has said Curry’s influence on Basketball is like Steve Jobs’ influence on technology. A Curry-less Warriors totally changes the game for the Warriors, and they aren’t sure when his leg will be healed so he can return to the game.

The warriors certainly have an impressive record this season, but, as talented and as deep as their roster is, there's no denying the fact that they need Curry on the floor in order to be truly successful and compete for another championship.

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