Roger Federer was eliminated in the Australian Open semifinals. His ‘bad luck charm’ was once more the Serbian player Novak Djokovic, the holder of the Melbourne title and also the leader of the ATP ranking. Federer’s performance in the match was controversial: the Swiss player’s game was imbued with foolish decisions, light mistakes and a rather predictable service.

Although he managed a recovery in the third round, Federer was outshone by Djokovic in the immediately following set. After this defeat, many of the Swiss player’s fans are certainly wondering if their idol is still in the cards for another Grand Slam tournament.

The ATP circuit is becoming more and more populated by young players seeking glory in its highest forms. An example of such a player is the Canadian Milos Raonic who made it to the semifinals of the Melbourne competition, where he dramatically loss 5 sets to the Scottish player Andy Murray. Raonic declared on numerous occasions that his goal was to dominate the circuit the years to come.

Regarding Federer, winner of 17 Grand Slam trophies throughout his career, the situation is complicated. It was noticed that after the age of 28, no matter how talented a player is, the physical aspect starts making its mark. Let us not forget that after turning 28 Federer stopped decisively dominating the ranking.

So did Rafael Nadal, who after this age limit was constantly suffering from injuries.

Throughout the history of masculine professional Tennis, only one player succeeding in dominating the field after this age limit. This is Andre Agassi, the former great tennis player from the United States, who won in 5 Grand Slam tournaments after the age of 28.

Roger Federer is undoubtedlya complete player: the memorable moments he showed over the last decade stand as clear proof, as well as some ‘impossible’ hits by which he captivated the audience. However, winning another major trophy would indeed be special.

Yet, since the Swiss player still enjoys the moments spent on the tennis court regardless of the outcome, the ones who have been fond of him throughout the years should also enjoy it.

Tennis fans will soon lose one of the stars of this sport. Time passes by.

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