The final in Brisbane, Australia put them face to face:Angelique Kerber and Victoria Azarenka. As expected, Kerber (despite her position in the rankings) had no chance. The first set was balanced until 3-3, then Azarenka began to increase her level of aggressiveness. Thus, Kerber was forced to do increasingly more unforced errors. After 39 minutes, Vika won the first set 6-3. The second set was controlled entirely by Vika. She won it with 6-1 in just 36 minutes. Azarenka wins first trophy since 2013. Her last triump was in the summer of 2013 in Cincinnati.

It's worth mentioning that at Brisbane, Azarenka had a bit of luck.

The main favorites, Maria Sharapova and Simona Halepwithdrew due to alleged health problems. Halep would`ve been Azarenka's opponent in the second round.

2015 comeback following injury

Belarusian Tennis player succeededto win first trophy since her comeback in women's professional tennis circuit. Azarenka suffered an injury in early 2014. After almost a year off of the tennis court, she returned in competition, but she had questionable results. In the second part of the season, Vika started to have a much more consistent game, and the results reflected that consistency. Azarenka managed to reach the quarterfinals at the US Open but was eliminated in a dramatic 3 sets clash by Simona Halep (2 WTA) 6-3 4-6 6-4.

At the end of last season, Azarenka was ranked as 22nd in the world. The start of this season seems to be perfect. The triumph in Brisbane will definitely propel her somewhere around15th place. As a result, Vika will definitely be seeded, and she will be able to avoid strong opponents in the early rounds of the following tournaments.

Nevertheless, her merit remains untouched. Azarenka put up a game that was extremely fast, accurate, and aggressive. It reminds us of when she was 1 WTA and dominating the women`s circuit. It'll be interesting to see how she progresses as she moves forward throughout the course of this year, and where she may rank when it's all said and done.

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