With the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble tonight on the WWE Network, Blasting News contributor Patrick hickey Jr. gives you five bold choices as to what can occur at this year’s mega event. With “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Goldberg, Daniel Bryan and several other former stars rumored to be at the event, anything can happen this year. With the WWE World Heavyweight title on the line, the stakes have never been higher.

Brock Lesnar Gets Eliminated Early, Thanks to Authority

This makes sense especially when you think about everything the McMahon’s have been through with “The Beast” over the past few weeks. It also allows him to go on a rampage tomorrow night on RAW and announce himself as the #1 contender to the title.

With the promotion desperate for ratings, Lesnar is one of the few guys that can get the WWE Universe excited and with another bold prediction (later in this piece), the WWE will need him to get a new champion “over” with fans.

The Wyatt Family Dominates, But Gets Screwed, Turning Face

The way they ended this week’s RAW, the Wyatt Family looks poised to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But like Brock Lesnar, the Wyatts, Bray, in particular, will also be screwed by The Authority, turning face in the process, setting up a feud with The Authority and a major new faction come Wrestlemania time.

Shinsuke Nakama Makes WWE Debut, Eliminates Neville

If you’ve ever seen Nakamura in the ring, you know he’s charismatic, but weird.

His New Japan Pro Wrestling-inspired strike-first offense is stiff and will dazzle fans in the US. Putting him in the ring with someone as high-energy as Neville will allow him to come off strong, but will also allow Neville to show his striking and technical ability.

Chris Jericho is Eliminated by Roman Reigns, Beginning a New Feud

Jericho is not going to be around long-term, but Reign needs more high-quality in-ring battles to build him as not only a credible WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but as a part of the elite WWE superstars once John Cena, Randy Orton, Cesaro and others return.

Jericho has never had a problem putting over young talent and a short month-long battle with Reigns will allow “The Roman Empire” an opportunity to work on both his mic and in-ring skills before coming back for his title around Wrestlemania.

AJ Styles Makes WWE Debut and Wins the WWE Title

With Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows set to make their NXT debut and Finn Balor as the NXT Champion, having Styles win the WWE World Heavyweight title provides plenty of shock value and an opportunity for an eventual Wyatt Family Balor/Bullet Club feud. With the support of The Authority, Styles can shake things up in a huge way. Battling Brock Lesnar in his first feud is a great way for Styles to prove himself to the WWE faithful.

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