This Sunday, WWE presents the 7th annualTables, Ladders and Chairs PPV. With all of WWE's regular television programming done for the week, the card is set for WWE TLC. Of the sevenmatches confirmed forTLC, five of them are title matches. There are also four matches on the card that have stipulations involving one or more of the weapons from the event's name.

Below is a full run-down of each match confirmed for WWE TLC, and predictions for each match.

Sheamus (c) vs Roman Reigns (WWE World Heavyweight Championship -TLC Match)

While Roman Reigns will certainly hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship again, it doesn't seem likely that it will be this Sunday.

TLC Matches make it easy for an unfair-yet-technically-legalending, and League of Nations member King Barrett doesn't have an official role at the show yet. Sheamus and Roman Reigns will continue to feud, and the Celtic Warrior will leave TLC with the title.

Kevin Owens (c) vs Dean Ambrose(WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Dean Ambrose is at that awkward place in his WWE career where he's right near the top, but the WWE isn't quite ready to make him their #1 guy. While Ambrose would make a fantastic Intercontinental Champions, KO is doing just fine. There's a good chance Dean will be back in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship scene, especially withRoyal Rumble coming up next month. Not that these guys need it, but it's too bad they didn't get any of the special stipulations.

Owens will win in what could be the match of the night.

The New Day (c) vs Lucha Dragons vs The Usos(WWE Tag Team Championship - Triple Threat Ladder Match)

The tradition of TLC Matches began with triple threat tag team matches: The Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian.

While this match is technically just aLadders Match, tables and chairs will surely be accessible. Look for the Lucha Dragons to pull off some incredible high-flying spots, for the Usos to have at least one OMG moment, and for Xavier Woods to helphis team secure the victory in the end.

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Jack Swagger(WWE United States Championship - Chairs Match)

Jack Swagger had been pulled from obscurity to deal with the uprising of the Mex-Americans, but the WWE seems to have dropped that idea now that the League of Nations has formed.

Expect the official break-up for ADR and Zeb, the possible reunion of The Real Americans (sans Cesaro) and for ADR to successfully retain the US title.

Charlotte (c) vs Paige(WWE Divas Championship)

There's no reason to think that they'll cut Charlotte's first title run short, and no reason for Paige to have a third Divas title run when she's been on the main roster less than two years. As Charlotte continues to develop into the Dirtiest Divas in the Game, look for Becky Lynch to be challenging Charlotte at theRoyal Rumble.

The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer & Rhyno vs The Wyatt Family(Eight-man Elimination Tag Team Tables Match)

With a guarantee of anywhere from four to seven wrestlers getting put through a table before the end of this match, it will serve as a good match to get the audience worked up if any prior match kills the mood.

You can fully expect the Wyatt Family to get the win here, as they represent the future, and the ECW Originals clearly represent the past.

Ryback vs Rusev

This is the only confirmed match that isn't for a title and doesn't have any special stipulations. Rusev is a part of the newest dominant heel faction and is teamed-up with a returning Lana, while Ryback hasn't been relevant for months. Rusev seems like the obvious winner here.

Although unconfirmed at'sTLC preview page, it is speculated that we'll also seeDolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze and possiblyStardust vs Titus O'Neil. Breeze and Ziggler have been back-and-forth, and since Breeze got the last PPV win, look for Ziggler to get his receipt.

Not totally sure where WWE is going with Titus and Stardust, but I don't expect Cody to get the win if the match happens.

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