Despite chants from the WWE Universe calling for his resignation, The Big Show announced onMonday Night Raw that he is entering his name as the first contender for this year's Royal Rumble Match. But what kind of impact will Show really have on the match?

As a seasoned veteran, this will be Show's tenth Rumble Match. While he has yet to win one, he always makes an impact. Just as I have already done with John Cenaand Randy Orton, The Big Show will be the next subject in a series of "Royal RumbleRésumé" articles in which we take a look at some of the biggest names in WWE, how they have fared at theRumble in the past, and then make predictions for how they will do this year.

For each WWE Superstar, we will take a look at both their experience in the Rumble Match and in other matches at theRumble PPV.

The Big Show's singles matches atRoyal Rumble

The Big Show has been at theRoyal Rumble14 times since 2000. Of his 14 appearances, 5 of them were matches other than the Rumble itself. Just as Show always plays an important role in the battle royal, any singles matches he has are generally main event-level bouts. Unfortunately, Show has never won a singles match at theRoyal Rumble.

He's challenged for a world title at theRumblePPV three times. In 2005, he lost a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship, and lost in 2011 and 2012 when he challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship.

In 2003 and 2014, he lost non-title singles matches to Brock Lesnar.

Royal Rumble Match entry number

Despite having entered the Rumble Match 9 times already, Show has only drawn a number lower than #22 once. Four times, he's been one of the last fiveguys to hit the ring. Of course, this only makes sense.

The Big Show is, at the very least, a very believable possibility for the winner any time he participates. Since they'd like him at the end of the match— and he's not exactly a picture of cardiovascular superiority— having him come in as one of the last participants is an easy booking decision.

Unless they have something special planned specifically for The Big Show this year, it's safe to assume his number won't be called until the mid-20s or later.

In all likelihood, there's no one with as much Rumble experience —and overall credentials as a wrestler — who has such typically short stints in the Royal Rumble Match. In fact, he's only broken the 10-minute mark twice. There are five WWE Superstars who have lasted an hour or longer in the match. The Big Show, in all nine attempts combined, comes in at less than 70 minutes. Twice Big Show has lasted less than two minutes.

His brief appearances aren't insignificant, however. Thrice Big Show has been one of the last two men eliminated. Since he's the first one to get any attention this year, don't be surprised if he has another short run that lands him in the final four.

Eliminator / eliminated

In 2009, Show eliminated six opponents, including CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker. In 2002, he didn't eliminate anyone at all. He's one of the few WWE Superstars with 20+ total eliminations over the years, but his average is just 2.5.

The men tasked with eliminating the Big Show have ranged from Ezekiel Jackson and R-Truth to The Rock and Triple H. This year, look for him to toss a couple of guys before being dumped by someone like John Cena.


The Royal Rumble has not been a good event for The Big Show, who isn't exactly in his prime any longer.Based on his Royal RumbleRésumé, we can expect Show to be a major player towards the end of the match. While I don't expect The Big Show to win this year either, he's going to see the light at the end of the tunnel, yet again, before being eliminated.

And while he may get the luxury of heaving a couple of guys over the top rope and to the floor, he'll likely suffer the same fate from another big name.

Royal Rumble 2016 will air live on the WWE Network on January 17.

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