This week'sSuperSmackDown Live isn't the only special event WWE has planned prior to Christmas. Along with the usual action-packed three hours that WWE gives us every Monday night, tonight'sWWE Monday Night Raw will also reveal the winners of this year's WWE Slammy Awards. Some of the Slammys will be announced on pre-show, while others can be voted on throughoutWWE Raw until the award is handed out.

As has become tradition, WWE put out their Raw Five-Point Previewto give some insight as to what WWE has planned for tonight. Below you will find predictions for all five points that WWE will try to drive him this week.

And the Slammy Goesto...

Between WWE Raw and theSlammy Awards Pre-Show, a total of seventeen Slammys will be decided tonight. If it goes anything like it has in the past, several awards will go to WWE Corporate's favorites (John Cena, Roman Reigns) and a few will be given to appease the smarks and the IWC (Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose).

For any non-WWE celebrities that stand to win a Slammy (Jon Stewart, Stephen Amell, Johnny Manziel), none of them are likely to be in attendance.

Will Reignspay the price?

Sheamus revealed onSmackDown that Roman and his current WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign is currently "under investigation" by The Authority.

With WWE hoping to impress USA leading up its debut ofSmackDown on the network, I'm guessing it will be teasedthat "the results of the investigation" will be revealed on tomorrow night'sSuperSmackDown Live. I think it's safe to assume Sheamus and Roman will face off at theRoyal Rumble for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The Wyatts' new"extremes"

It would seem as though Bray Wyatt and friends have firmly established that they are more dominant that the ECW Originals. With theRoyal Rumble and the "Road toWrestleMania" on the horizon, expect Bray to give the WWE Universe a typically-cryptic clue as to who his family will focus on next.

And don't be surprised when the plan is revealed that Erick, Luke and Braun are supposed to help Bray win the Rumble Match.

IsBecky Lynch reaching a boiling point?

While Paige and Charlotte have put on some great matches lately, there's no sense in WWE booking a third match at theRoyal Rumble. The tension will continue to build tonight between supposed "besties" Charlotte and Becky. But with Paige still unsatisfied and Team B.A.D. always looking on, tonight's Diva action will likely start pointing towards a Fatal Four-Way at the January PPV.

Head games

The WWE Intercontinental Championship picture is currently tailor-made for the hard-to-please Internet Wrestling Community. Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens are clearly a big part of WWE's main event future, and Ziggler has proven for years that he can match virtually anyone on the WWE roster when it comes to in-ring performances. I would guess we'll see all three of these guys performing double-duty at theRoyal Rumble, wrestling in a Triple Threat Match for the IC title and then entering the Rumble Match as well.

Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Rawbegins at 8:00 PM EST, live on the USA Network.

[Image via WWE]

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