The Basketball coach Bo Ryan retirement is taking place mid-season. The Coach made the announcement on Tuesday night right after his team won against Texas. The retirement comes just before Big Ten play is set to start. Ryan’s career at Wisconsin includes364 wins as Wisconsin Badger’s winningest coach, as well as two Final Four trips in his last two seasons coaching basketball.

The Bo Ryan retirement is taking place just as the 67-year-old basketball coach wants it to happen, without a farewell tour or any other fuss or muss. He had talked about retiring for several months, but hadn't announced a date until now.

There were several factors that affected the timing of the Bo Ryan retirement announcement. He had spoken about it to Barry Alvarez, Athletic Director, back in April, and Alvarez had told him to think about it.

He had decided to retire in June, but then found out about assistant coach Greg Gard’s father being diagnosed with brain cancer. Gard’s father died on October 30th, leaving Gard without the duties of caring for his father.

Greg Gard has been named the interim head coach by Athletic Director Barry Alvarez, and is said to be one of the best assistant coaches in the business. Gard has worked alongside Ryan for 20 seasons, with 14 of them being in Madison.

Experts say Ryan will be a hard act to follow, but Alvarez said that Gard will have a chance to earn the job, since Ryan is stepping down in-between semesters.

Alvarez said he will evaluate how Gard works with the team, and see how things go before making a decision at the end of the year on whether or not Gard will keep the job as the team’s head coach.

Ryan finishes with impressive stats as coach

Ryan ends his coaching career with a career mark of 747-233, which puts him at 27th on the list of NCAA career wins while counting prosperous tenures at Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Division III Wisconsin-Platteville.

Ryan also won four national titles at Platteville.

He’s credited for making his mark in the Big Ten, making14 straight NCAA appearances, as well as making seven conference championships. During his final complete season in 2014-15, Wisconsin finished with a school record of 36-4 and went on to play the NCAA title game (losing to Duke).

He also was effective in building star players such as Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky, who ended up the 2014-15 national player of the year. Ryan says it was a joy to lead the Badgers several months more than he had thought he would be able to, as the Bo Ryan retirement takes effect, he's saying goodbye to coaching the game of basketball for good.

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