Green Bay isn't going through its best time as a team. In the last five games, the Packers have lost three games (Denver, Carolina and Chicago) and have won two. McCarthy's team had a positive start (up until week six Green Bay had a record of 6-0), but, after their bye week, they began to show serious problems both in the offensive and defensive phases.

Despite the lost of Jordy Nelson for the season, Green Bay has not been able to make deep plays, find open routes and be as accurate as they were when the number 87 was playing the ball.

Likewise we must add that, despite the addition of well-known James Jones and the rookie Ty Montgomery, Randall Cobb, Richard Rodgers and Davante Adams, have not shown their best offensive game and still have problems, either with injuries, fumbles ordropped passes.

Similarly, another factor that has made the team collapse has been the poor performance fromtheir running backs, since Eddie Lacy hasn't been as reliable as last season and a similar problem with James Starks who barely showed all his potential. Injuries and fumbles have put the team against the ropes in certain situations. Just take a look at the stats: Lacy has rushed only for 513 yards on 122 attempts, resulting in only TD's and 3 fumbles. Not good for a team that was named as a candidate to reach the Super Bowl.

Is Aaron Rodgers the one to blame?

The two-time NFL MVP has had a mental letdown in the last month as he has been intercepted three times, but beyond that he has been unclear when to throw the ball – a fact that has madehim less effective and accurate and limited his numbers.

Until now, #12 has thrown for 2,684 yards, 24 TDs, 4 INT and a passer rating of 97.4. While in 2014 in Week 11, Aaron Rodgers had 2947 yards, 32 TD's and only 3 INT. Low numbers for a player of his quality.

Another issue that has broughtRodgers down in his game are the passes – they are imprecise and for short gain.

As you can see in the game against Chicago, his passes are less than five yards. If your offensive line does not have time, Rodgers must move the pocket to throw or run, which is fine because those are qualities he can teach.

Play 1

Play 2

Should McCarthy take back play-calling?

While many fans believe that coach McCarthy should return to calling plays, he has said that he will not, "There's no big something broke here," McCarthy said after loss to Chicago.Days earlier, in the loss to Detroit, McCarthy said at a press conference that, "I like the way our staff works, and I like the way they work with our players".

For now, Tom Clements will continue calling plays. "You just have to stay true to your preparation, don’t overreact, and keep things in perspective”, McCarthy said, via the Milwaukee journal Sentinel.

Stay away with problems

Although the team is not playing well, fans and media have witnessed frustrationin different games. From Rodgers' rage throwing the tablet, thefight amongst themselves as Julius Peppers and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix yelled each other,the atmosphere within the team seems to be hostile.On the other hand, some rumors have been created around the team as #12 is apparently not happy with the preparation of the rookies on offense.However, Rodgers claimsit was false, "there was not any players-only meeting, no.

There's Meetings with the offense all the time. We break up offense and defense, we break up into position groups, but there was not anything resembling what I talked about, from what I heard. I did not see the broadcast", he said to ESPN.

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