The Golden State Warriors are a successful Basketball team, and partly due to player Stephen Curry. The team is well-balanced, has great chemistry, and also are super role players, with good coaching and great management.

Stephen Curry is possibly one of the top symbols for the NBA’s Three-Point Revolution, which has been underrated for a while in the game of basketball and players like him are helping to revive it and take over the NBA. Teams that used the three pointers were very dominating last year, and the winning percentage of those trying three-pointers was at .47. In fact, when it got to the conference finals, all the teams there were those that shot three-pointers.

Stephen Curry could break Wilt Chamberlain’s record

It is said Curry has a chance at breaking basketball great Wilt Chamberlain’s season record when he scored 50 points a game. Some don’t think the current NBA MVP has it in him, however he scored 40 points in the Wednesday night game against the Charlotte Hornets to bring the Golden State Warriors record to 20-0.

The man is a very efficient shooter and even though he gets tasked with doing more and more for his team, he remains very efficient. Many wonder how much more Curry can handle and still keep being the one of the Warrior’s best players.

How does Curry’s basket shooting stand up to the stats?

When figuring out how Curry’s basket shooting stands up in the stats, you can use the NBA shot-tracking statistics from the beginning of the 2014-15 season through this past weekend’s games.

The information has his shot distance, as well as the amount of distance of the closest defender and how much time was left on the clock.

When you make a fast regression to figure out the expected value of each shot he took, and then compare them, you get the amount of value that each of the players added to the team since last season started versus the number of basket shots Curry took.

When you take into consideration those that made 200 or more shots, Stephen Curry was surprisingly just the 4th best shooter, but he has taken over 1,600 shots in that time span, while none of the other three had close to half of that amount. He is also playing better than last year, especially when it comes to stealing and rebounding, and in his defensive play.

These and other statistics make Stephen Curry one of the best options for the Golden State Warriors to continue to do well and win games.

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