The President of US Soccer, Sunil Gulati, reported that last Sunday’s women’s soccer cancellation of an exhibition game that were to have been played in Honolulu’s Aloha Stadium, was due to the field being unsafe. He apologized to all of the soccer fans, as well as the players and involved supporting staff for the mistakes that had been made regarding ensuring that the field was proper for a global match.

The last minute women’s soccer cancellation was a game that was to have been between the US Women’s National Team in a friendly match against Trinidad and Tobago. Normally, protocol says the field is supposed to be inspected prior to a game and this one was the only one out of ten fields being employed for the victory tour of the US team that didn’t get inspected.

Pictures of the field in Hawaii showed that the artificial turf had gaps in its seams, as well as pebbles with sharp edges and sharp rocks all over the field. It also appeared that the artificial turf was pulling up and was made of a very low-grade foam, that hadn’t been replaced in a long time.

Women’s soccer cancellation made due to several mistakes

Gulati told everyone that one reason the field didn’t get inspected ahead of the game, requiring the women’s soccer cancellation at the last minute, was because the federation knew that the NFL Pro Bowl was supposed to also be held there in several few weeks. He admitted that the inspection still should have happened and said things had gone wrong for several reasons.

According to Rich Nichols, general counsel for the Women’s National Team Players Association, reported that the cancellation of the games in Honolulu was one of the latest points of discussion regarding artificial turf as a surface to play tournament soccer on.

Other women’s soccer games could be cancelled

He added that it was possible that players may wish to cancel other games on the tour. The tour, which is being done to celebrate the Americans’ winning during the Women’s World Cup this past summer has three games left, two of which would be played on a field with artificial turf, which they consider unsafe.

The 2016 game schedule will be discussed with representatives and players on Tuesday in San Antonio, Texas. The next soccer game during the victory tour is supposed to be played on Thursday in San Antonio.

Playing on artificial turf has been an ongoing debate and many deem it unsafe in general. Artificial turf or not, inspection showed that the field was clearly not safe for playing and created the women’s soccer cancellation.

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