Giants’ head coach Tom Coughlin’s job could be on the line, as the team has missed the playoffs for the fourth season in a row, and the Giants lost Sunday night for the second time in a row by a score of 49-17 to the Minnesota Vikings.

This is Coughlin’s 12th season with the Giants, and even though some say this latest loss puts Tom Coughlin’s job in danger, he says that he isn’t worried about it and says it will take care of itself and won’t affect his coaching. Many wonder if this cryptic answer means that he is thinking about retiring, as this would be one way to resolve the problem.

Giants suffer 3rd losing season in row, putting Tom Coughlin’s job in danger

This year the Giants were only 6-9, and this newest loss ensures they will suffer their third losing season. Coughlin says that all of that is very disappointing. Sources say the reason for all the losses comes from several areas. First, their roster has been lacking, one reason was because of Odell Beckham Jr.’s suspension from the game on Sunday. He's their star wide receiver and few players match his offensive skills.

Other such issues have plagued the team. Besides the issues with Beckham, earlier another player, Damontre Moore, threw a fit over not getting a set of free headphones and got released. Both of these things point to problems with discipline on the team.

More Coughlin blunders mount up

Coughlin is also said to have had his fair share of blunders this season. One of these happened in a Dallas game in which he is said to not know the Giants were not attempting to score and put the game away in their opener. His time management was doubtful in the losses against the Cowboys, Falcons, and Patriots.

Had those games ended at the two-minute warning, they would have had ten wins.

Co-owner John Mara acknowledged in 2014 that he wanted to get rid of everybody right after the Giants blew a game near the end of the season against the Jaguars. So, one can imaginewhat he thought Monday when the Giants had their 32-point loss against the Vikings.

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