The 14-time major winner hasn’t played golf for at least three months and Tiger Woods’ golf woes are not over. He told reporters on the night before the Hero World Challenge, which his foundation sponsors, that he has no idea when he will play again.

Tiger Woods’ golf woes are due to back problems. He said he hasn’t been able to do any rehabilitation after having had two operations on his back during the past three months. He said that at the moment he had nothing to look forward to or build towards regarding his golfing career.

Dropping him from number one to 400 adds to Tiger Woods’ golf woes

Some believe that those words mean that the back problems are leading him to think about quitting his golf career. His doctor hasn’t been able to give him any solid answer for when, or if, he can return to the game. He admitted to the media that his recovery wasn’t going as smoothly as he had hoped.

Woods was the number one golfer in the world for 683 weeks, but now his injuries have dropped him to number 400 in the rankings. Woods says he is taking things one day at a time and if things did end, then he had had a pretty good run. He said there is not a timetable for how nerves heal and it all depends on how his back surgery turns out and if they heal so he can come back.

Woods says he walks, plays video games to pass time

Woods says he can’t really do anything athletic and that he can’t bend over. He says he is doing a lot of walking, and plays video games to pass the time. The golfer will turn 40 later this month, and says he misses playing soccer with his kids.

Other players offer Woods their support for his recovery

Rory McIlroy, who was a former world No. 1 golfer, offered his support for the beleaguered Woods and wished him a speedy recover, adding that he didn’t want to even think about golf going on without his idol playing it.

Additionally, golfer Rocco Mediate told the Golf Channel that he wanted to speak to Woods about his injuries.

He said that he thinks he can help him to adapt his golf swing to get the stress off his back so he can continue his golfing career. Even with Tiger Woods' golf woes he hopes to be able to “get after it with these guys,” and get back into the game before too long.

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