The city of St. Louis could have a new NFL stadium as the city got a step nearer to it as a St. Louis stadium approval was voted in by the city's Board of Aldermen on Friday at a cost of $150 million in city funding. The stadium would be built close to the banks of the Mississippi River.

The St. Louis stadium approval Friday spells out that the city’s share of the costs of the estimated $1.1 billion would be $150 million. An additional $550 million is intended to be from the NFL and the Rams. The Rams would chip in $250 million and the NFL would be expected to put in $300 million. The rest of the cost would be paid by the state.

Buy-in of $300M from NFL included in St. Louis stadium approval

However, there is a problem with the plan by the city to build a new stadium in St. Louis, and that's that the NFL has saidthe city should not expect them to contribute $300 million, as it's not consistent with their stadium financing program. Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, sent a letter to the stadium task force that stated this fact.

Goodell stated that the normal NFL G-4 program is geared to finance amounts up to $200 million for building new stadiums. Therefore, one problem is that there's no guarantee the city would have a way to get the other $100 million to finance the proposed new stadium.

Rams threatening to leave, so who would play in new stadium?

Another problem is that no one seems to know what team would play in the new stadium. Stan Kroenke, the Rams owner has not said if the team will remain with the city even if another stadium is built. He has said he may take the team to Los Angeles or elsewhere.

However, the team would have to get approved to leave and some say that just isn’t going to happen. It'll ultimately be decidedon January 12 when 32 NFL owners meet in Houston to vote on what teams will be approved to move. According to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, the St. Louis stadium approval by the city is a step towards keeping the Rams in the area, as well as transforming the riverfront via private investments and creating new jobs, while not raising taxes.

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