College Football fans will want to have a radio on hand or be in front of their TVs today to watch the Russell Athletic Bowl, which will pit the Baylor Bears against the North Carolina Tar Heels (both considered to be teams with excellent offenses).The Russell Athletic Bowl is scheduled to start at 5:30 PM ET, 4:30 PM local timeat the Orlando Citrus Bowl in Florida, and will be shown on ESPN, as well as broadcast on radio and available for online streaming.

Three things to know about the game

Firstly, Baylor has led in scoring for this season and has averaged 48 points a game, while North Carolina came in at 11th and averages nearly 41 points a game.

Both are considered top teams when it comes to yards per play.Next, part of what determines who wins in today’s match is who is playing quarterback for Baylor.They've been having problems in that area since their quarterback Jarrett Stidham broke his foot.In fact, in one game they had no alternative but to play Lynx Hawthrone in the quarterback slot even though he's normally a wide receiver. They will need a healthy quarterback if they want to beat North Carolina’s Marquise Williams in today’s Russell Athletic Bowl.

Then, there are the defenses of each of these powerful teams, as they are both said to have much stronger offenses than defenses. So, time will tell which one of these teams’ defenses comes out on top.

Today’s bowl game between these two teams is expected to be very competitive no matter which one comes out on top. The experts say that North Carolina will feature an attempt at a balanced attack by using Ellijah Hood, who leads in running this season with 1,345 yards and 17 scores. They will also have some versatility by playing Ryan Switzer, as well as Quinshad Davis and Mack Hollins at receiver.The experts say that Baylor will be playingdefense at a high level since their offense has suffered a lot of injuries.

They need to play some of their best defense in today’s game, especially since North Carolina will have Marquise Williams on their side and he is considered a dual threat. The Bears are expected to start sophomore quarterback Chris Johnson, healthy again after sustaining a concussion on December 5th.

With Baylor at 9-3 and North Carolina at 11-2, the Tar Heels are favored to win the Russell Athletic Bowl by a small margin.

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