The Boston Red Sox sign David Price, 30, to a seven year, $217-million-dollar contract as a free-agent pitcher. Price was signed by Dave Dombrowski, who is Boston Red Sox’s President of Baseball Operations. Dombrowski also helped the Red Sox acquire Craig Kimbrel from the San Diego Padres back in November.

As the Red Sox sign David Price, some may wonder if the cost of his contract is reasonable or not. In fact, since the Boston Red Sox are one of the clubs with the highest revenues in baseball, Price’s $31 million average annual value (AAV) is thought to be very reasonable. Especially since Price is a five-win pitcher and has also had years when he had more than six wins.

His stats tell the reason Red Sox sign David Price with $217 million

The contract with Price does have an opt-out clause that could be used after Price plays in three seasons. Price has some very good stats, having finished the 2015 season by leading the league with a 2.45 Earned Run Average, as well as a win record of 18-5.

Price is a left-handed pitcher, and is considered as the American League’s top pitcher for 2012, and was the runner up in seven other major league seasons. Price also has a career record of a 3.09 ERA, as well as getting 1,372 strikeouts and 104 wins and 56 losses. He was first recruited by the Blue Jays last season via a Detroit Tigers’ deal. Besides Detroit and Toronto, he also pitched for Tampa Bay.

Price shows that Red Sox serious about pitching

Price, along with the Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke, are both in the top of 2015’s free agent class. A previous teammate of Greinke, Clayton Kershaw, was who helped the highest contract deal prior to Price’s and he had one for $215 million. Price’s deal is the single largest given to a pitcher.

He also finished second in the Al Cy Young race in 2015.

The price the Red Sox paid for Price’s contract shows that the team considers pitching at a premium and it also shows that the price of free agent pitchers will likely keep going up. So, time will tell how the deal will go as the Red Sox sign David Price and hope that doing so will bring them the skills that they desire to stay on top of the game of baseball.

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