Justin Tucker, 26, showed he has more skills than just being the best kicker for the Baltimore Ravens, as the Football opera singer performed a moving version of the song, “Ave Maria” at a Catholic Charities of Baltimore’s Christmas Concert on December 10th that wowed the crowd at least as much as any football performance in the past.

The football opera singer is a baritone and started singing in college opera performances. He started in opera when he was told he had to take voice lessons as part of his recording technology major courses in college. One of his teammates, Sam Koch, told reporters that he has heard the football opera singer singing in the showers after a game because it echoes into their locker room.

Football opera singer also the best kicker in the game

Tucker has completed 26 of 33 field goal tries this season, as well as gotten 24 out of 24 extra points. He’s rated as one of the best kickers in football, and can kick the ball 50-plus yards through the goal posts. He is said to be one of the most accurate kickers in the game since he came into the league in 2012.

The Ravens showed off the video of Tucker singing at the Christmas concert on Twitter. Tucker traded his football uniform for a tuxedo so he could perform “Ave Maria” at the charity concert. The concert was held at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary in Baltimore.

Tucker’s ability to sing considered beautiful, inspiring

Tucker’s head coach said that he thought that Tucker’s ability to sing so well must be a gift from God, because it came from deep inside him. Tucker got a standing ovation from the audience after the charity performance, where more than 700 people came to watch him sing.

Tucker is known to be able to do opera in seven languages, which is also quite impressive as well. Due to his abilities, he is in demand for more than just his football playing, and has even turned down chances to sing with the Baltimore Symphony and New York Opera.

However, Edward Polochick, the Christmas Festival conductorwas able to get the football opera singer to do the show, and now he’s famous for not just kicking the football, but singing his heart out as well.

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