Sacramento Kings’ point guard, Rajon Rondo ejected from Thursday night’s basketball game for staring down the referee, as Celtics beat the Kings 114-97. A stare down on Bill Kennedy is what got Rajon Rondo ejected in the 3rd quarter of the game after he also got his second technical foul of the evening during the game against his former teammates in the Mexico City exhibition event.

Celtics overpower Kings, as Rajon Rondo ejected in 3rd Quarter

During the game that got Rajon Rondo ejected, the Celtics had been over powering Sacramento right from the start, as they shot 50 percent from the floor and kept the Kings down to a score of 24-7 in favor of the Celtics after only 12 minutes of play.

The Celtics were doing well despite not having injured player Marcus Smart. A former teammate of Rondo’s, Avery Bradley, maneuvered Rondo into four turnovers and kept him at two for six in shooting. Normally, Rondo averages around 14 points, as well as 13 assists and a little over seven rebounds a game like he has done the last 10 games.

Celtics had 22-point lead in 3rd quarter, fouls upset Rondo

By the time the 3rd quarter only had about seven minutes left, the Celtics were leading the Kings by 22 points. Then, as Celtics swingman Jae Crowder got the ball, he drew a foul on DeMarcus Cousins, the Kings’ center, which Rondo didn’t agree with. The disagreement is what provoked Rondo’s stare down of the referee, Bill Kennedy, and thus he was kicked out of the game.

Rondo ended up the night with stats of making five points, getting eight assists, as well as three rebounds and two steals in the 24 minutes he played. After he was put out of the game, the Kings are said to have looked very uninspiring and were soon being totally trounced by Boston.

Kings’ coach blames poor start for team’s 3rd loss in four games

George Karl, the Kings coach, said the reason for their third loss in four games is that they got a poor start and that it hurt to lose their lead guard prior to the end of the game.

The Kings had made a short try to cut the Celtic’s lead in the final quarter, but even though they first managed to get the lead down to 95-79, the combo of a dunk and a three-pointer shot killed them for the game, never getting beyond a double-digit point deficit.

With Rajon Rondo ejected it goes to show that the night’s performance was just not in the Kings’ favor.

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