Brock Osweiler was in it for the win on Sunday as he helped his team, the Denver Broncos, come from behind during a snow-filled, home game at Mile High Stadium, to win against the New England Patriots to make it a Broncos comeback win by a score of 30 to 24 in overtime.

The Broncos' comeback win was the first loss of the season for the Patriots, whose team is now 10-1, while the Broncos are at 9-2.

Osweiler playing in his second start to lead Broncos comeback win

Brock Osweiler was playing in his second start with the Broncos and some may have been a bit surprised at how he managed to lead his team on the snowy game day.

However, the backup showed he was in it for the win, as he helped the team in a 4th quarter Broncos comeback win, showing he is staking a claim on being the starter in Denver.

Osweiler’s stats may not have been extraordinary, but the stat sheet showed him with 23/42, 270 yards, TD, INT and when he moved the ball, especially in the second half, he dispersed it to his key playmakers when needed and made several throws that only a few quarterbacks could accomplish in the snowy game.

Other skilled players like Emmanuel Sanders helped out as well and caught some of those tosses and finished up getting six receptions out of 113 yards of play.

Hits keep coming for Patriots

The hits seem to keep on coming for the Patriots, as players like Julian Edelman, Dion Lewis and Danny Amendola have been sidelined.

Unfortunately for the team another player, Rob Gronkowski, was injured on Sunday when he hurt his knee in the 4th quarter. That means the team already went into Sunday’s game with just three tight ends and three receivers. Thankfully, tests later showed that the knee injury was not serious for Gronkowski.

Another problem the Patriots faced was with Amendola out on injury, they had to play a rookie punt returner, Harper, who ended up fumbling a punt in the 4th quarter and the Broncos got the ball back at the Patriots’ 36. So, at least the Patriots won’t have to deal with the stress of having a perfect season, as that role now can go to the Panthers, who are still at 11 and zero.

It appears the Broncos' comeback win shows the team can overcome losing six starters to injuries this year and that Brock Osweiler, 25, is a great player, who has won in his first two starts with the team.

image credit: Brock Osweiler via free images (license)

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