Novak Djokovic proved in 2015 that he's a Tennis player who can achieve perfection. His performances on court were extraordinary. Thus, the Serbian player has managed to win 3 Grand Slam tournaments: Australian Open, Wimbledon, and U.S. Open.The only notable failure took place on clay at Roland Garros.The Swiss Stan Wawrinkamanaged to show his very best in that final. His triumph over Djokovic remains one of the biggest surprises in tennis in 2015.

Djokovic had the best season of his career

At a comparative level, the season of 2015 was perhaps the best of the entire career for the world leader in the ATP rankings.

3 Grand Slam tournaments won equaled the performance achieved back in 2011. 2011 was the year in which Novak became for the first time 1 ATP. However, in 2015, he has managed to win much more tournaments including the ATP Finalsin London after a lovely match against Roger Federer.Throughout the 2015 season, Djokovic (28-years-old) also won 6 Masters tournaments. He lost the final of Western and Southern Open atCincinnatibeing defeated once again by Roger Federer. This Masters tournament is the only one missing from Novak`s showcase. Clashes with Federer were common in 2015. Those two have also met in two Grand Slam finals: Wimbledon and the U.S (both won by Djokovic).

Partnership with Boris Becker seems to work well

No matter how talented you are, you can't be the best tennis player in the world unless you have the support of a coach and an entirely dedicated staff. Partnership with Boris Becker, a former great tennis player of the 1980s,seems to work perfectly.The two started working together in 2013.

Thus, Djokovic has 2 main coaches: Boris Becker and Marian Vajda(since 2006).There are many people who wonder how he manages to keep a competitive level so high throughout the year. He seems always motivated to win any game, set, match, simple point. His physical strength is also overwhelming.Djokovic does not show too often signs of fatigue.

If he continues his dominance in 2016, there's no telling what he will achieve.

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