Jose Mourinho has been sacked as manager of Chelsea – one of the biggest Soccerteams in the EPL. Thenews will not come as a shock to soccer fans as Chelsea have enduredtheir worst start to a season since 1978.

Fall from grace

Chelsea won the title convincingly in the 2014/2015 season finishing eight points above second-placed Manchester City. But it seems a lot can change in seven months. Many expected Chelsea to take that excellent form into this season,but a mediocre pre-season performance showed that the players were not fit enough physically or mentally for thecampaign.

However, no-one predicted it would go this badly with Mourinho being sacked leavingChelsea hangingjustone pointabove the relegation zone.

Mourinho and Chelsea's fall from grace can be attributed to a combination of poor resultsand bizarre incidents.

Erratic behavior

At the start of the season he publicly blasted the first-team doctor Eva Carneiro for running on to pitch to treat the seemingly injured Eden Hazard. Hethen told the media that she "did not understand the game". FIFA later condoned his behaviour andCarneiro is reportedly suing both Chelsea and Mourinho personally.

Mourinho's relationship with referees has always been a rocky one, but two separate incidents contributed to his downfall.Following his criticism of the referee during Chelsea's 3-1 defeat to Southampton he was hit with a £50,000 ($75,000) fine and a suspended stadium ban.

Just a few weeks later, following another confrontation with a referee during Chelsea's 2-1 defeat to West Ham United, he was shown a red card and dismissed to the stands.

This erratic behavior undoubtedly affected the team's mentality, with rumours circulating that Mourinho had fallen out with several senior players.

Once therelationship between manager and players degrades it is difficult to perform as a team and poor results inevitably follow.

What's next?

No-one is questioning Mourinho's geniusas a manager – his 21-trophy-haul (including two Champions Leaguetitles) at Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Porto speaks for itself – but it is this ability to self-destruct so publicly thatgave Chelsea owner Roman Abramovichno choice but to sack him.

Former Dutch manager and playerGuus Hiddinkis set to be appointed as caretaker manager until the end of the season while the hunt is on for a long-term replacement (including Bayern Munich's Pep Guardiola).

We wait tosee what kindof finish Hiddink can salvage for Chelsea. As for Mourinho, who knows where his future lies... one thing we can be certain of though is that whatever club he ends up at will be in for a rollercoaster ride.

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