The Arizona Cardinals won 40-17 on Sunday evening over the Philadelphia Eagles, but a Mathieu injury put a damper on the win. The injury was to his knee, which he hurt during a fall, but the seriousness of the injury wasn’t known at the time. Head coach Bruce Arians announced Monday how bad the Mathieu injury is and that he tore his ACL and may be out the rest of the season.

Mathieu hurt the knee while making an interception, his 5th, when there was about two and a half minutes left to play in the game. The win clinches the Cardinals getting an NFC West Division victory, but now that Mathieu got injured, it throws a wet towel on celebrations.

Mathieu injury in game was a non-contact wound

The injury to Mathieu’s knee is regarded as a non-contact injury. He merely fell as he was putting his foot down to the ground during the interception, and afterwards was in the locker room and went to get the injury x-rayed to check how bad it was.

Reportedly, there should be some news regarding Mathieu’s knee injury in a few days, as the team is waiting for the doctor’s report. However, it’s said he is walking on it and that now it is just a waiting game to see what the doctor’s report will say about the hurt knee.

Other injuries being watched in football

The Mathieu injury isn’t the only one that is being watched in the world of Football. Some of the other injured players being monitored are:

Texan quarterback T.J.

Yates was feared to have gotten a torn ACL on Sunday playing the Colts, which ended in a Texan victory by a score of 16-10. It was later discovered that the ACL was torn and so Brandon Weeden is reported to be slated to replace him.

Matt Hasselback of the Colts was reported to have back injuries and there were two ankle injuries, Phillip Dorsett and Vikings’ Adrian Peterson.

Other injuries in the news were Packers’ Jayrone Elliott with a quad injury, Eagles’ safety Eric Rowe and Raiders’ Michael Crabtree with possible concussions.

Other players besides the Mathieu injury that hurt their knees were Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, Cardinals’ running back David Johnson, Patriots’ wide receiver Danny Amendola, Titans’ Dont'a Hightower, Chargers’ Melvin Gordon and Niners’ running back Shaun Draughn.

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