At the start of every competitive season, the Soccer team from Manchester is one of the favorites to win the most important trophy in European soccer. This season, the team coached by Louis van Gaa,l was distributed in a group that seemed accessible at first sight. In this group were: Manchester United, VFL Wolfsburg( Germany), TSKA Moscow( Russia) and PSV Eindhoveen( Netherlands).

In September, when they began to play matches, no one believed that the English club will have any problems in obtaining the qualification into the knock-out stages. But there followed a series of matches in which both attack and defense of the English team was below expectations.

Supporters began to be worried, especially after the last round match when Man United played home, in Old Trafford Stadiumagainst PSV Eindhoveen.The clashended by a draw 1-1.

Manchester United suffered an unexpected defeat in the match played in Germany. In addition, as a result of this loss the English club has been eliminated from the strongest competition between European soccer teams. The defeat in front of VFL Wolfsburg fans has surprised everyone. The match ended 3-2 in favor of the hosts.

Manchester United started the match very well against VFL Wolfsburg. It opened the score, but up to the break, the hosts managed to score twice (Naldo ' 13 and Vieirinha ' 29). In the second half, the match was pretty much balanced.

The guests benefited from an own goal (Guilavogui j. ' 82). But British defense gave up one more time a few minutes later.The goal of Wolfsburg scored close to the end of the match(Naldo ' 84) has shattered all hopes of the team in Manchester. So an early exit from the Champions League occurs after 10 seasons in a row in which Manchester United has consistently achieved the knock-out stages of the competition.

Throughout its history, Manchester United has won the Champions League three times.The final of the season 1998-1999 is perhaps the best known. In that final, the team from Manchester had managed a spectacular comeback against the team of Bayern Munich. The Germans led 1-0,but in extra time Manchester United scored twice in three minutesand so they put their hands on the trophy.

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