Manchester United appeared to hold its own against Wolfsburg, on December 8. However, it's almost as if something happened to the Manchester United's morale afterthe opposing team zoomedahead.

Although it can get a bit tiring on the field, the Red fans simply weren't having it. After all, it'schampionship night, right?

As can be seen from the aforementioned tweets, Manchester United's Marouane Fellaini was a bit of an issue for the team.

While presented with several opportunities, Manchester continued to find itself in constant misfortune.

United We Stand?

During the final minutes of play, the Guardian reported as follows.

"This is a very hairy spell for United. The resulting corner from the left finds Kruse, who's unmarked 12 yards from goal. The ball is on his favored left foot, and incredibly he clips his volley inches [passed] the left post! What a miss."

Several other complications started to arise as well, which left Manchester United fans short of starting a riot. One huge problem seemed to be the officiating referee.

Manchester's Glimpse Of Hope

While things looked bleak, at one point, Manchester United caught a glimpse ofa "light at the end of the tunnel." PSV Eindhoven was behind CSKA Moscow by one.

Yet, that was short-lived as PSV returned the gesture with an equalizer in the next moments.

But happened.

Manchester United's own equalizer showed itself during the latter minutes of play.

As reports, the Guardian, it happened as follows.

"Fellaini climbs above Dante and nods it down. Benaglio comes off his line, but Guilavogi doesn’t hear the shout from his keeper and the ball skids off the top of his head and into the top right corner!

What drama!"

However, that wasn't enough. Manchester still ended up walking away with the "L." United needed two more goals to advance on its own merit, since Wolfsburg scored a third goal. Had PSV lost, the team would've been able to move forward. However, PSV beat out Moscow in the final minutes as well.

As far as Manchester United is concerned, the Guardian says, "Looking on the bright side, at least they’ll have something to do on Thursday nights now." Wow.United is getting no love from the people.

Fans Can Be United Next Season

Sometimes, things don't work out like you'd think they would. Similar to Manchester United situation, you can prepare as much as you like. You can train until you're blue in the face.

But there are times when no amount of preparation canaccount for any degree of dependency.

During the game, if indeed Manchester United was being cheated by the officiating referee, therewasnothing team memberscould've done to prevent biased calls. A bad referee is going to be a bad referee regardless.

The only thing Manchester Unitedcould control was its own effort, which was a little lacking, according to the game and its spectators. Was it not? Did Manchester United legitimately lose to a competitor who simply played better Football? Or were the stars not aligned correctly?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

[H/T: The Guardian]

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