Nike is ready to be NBA’s official provider of shoes and clothing as of the end of its 2016-17 current deal with Adidas, and a LeBron Nike deal is one of the ways that new partnership is going to start. LeBron James already had a few months left on his current LeBron Nike deal that started in 2010, and now Nike has signed him for a lifetime contract.

Nike already has made money on the LeBron branded shoes, and believes this new deal will benefit their business and brand and give even more value to their shareholders. There are already 13 kinds of shoes branded with LeBron James’ signature and in 2015 the sales of gear branded with the LeBron name sold more than $400 million.

Millions of dollars to come from LeBron Nike deal

Some say that LeBron James is the greatest player in the history of the NBA, and Nike expects that even after his career is over in Basketball, he will help their company to make money. Besides earning millions of dollars with his Nike contract, he also has other endorsements with McDonalds, Samsung and Coca Cola.

His new deal with Nike is said to be the biggest single athlete guaranteed contract in Nike’s history. Nike is already said to be having a booming year financially and its stock is said to have great growth potential, and the new deal with LeBron is likely to make that possibility even better.

LeBron has other plans besides Nike endorsements

While this new LeBron Nike deal is set to earn LeBron millions of dollars, it isn’t the only business plans the basketball star has on his mind. Some of the other ideas he has had include the possibility of owning his own team like Michael Jordon has done, or even to do something like be head of his own Hollywood production firm or run for political office someday.

He already is an investor in a pizza company, as well as a social media platform called Uninterrupted that he created with partners as a way for fans and athletes to have interactions. As with all investors, some of his deals have panned out and others may not have done so well, but he is always trying something new to invest in.

So, this latest LeBron Nike deal is just one of his business plans for keeping the money flowing after his basketball career is over.

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