The NBA is concerned about courtside fan safety at games after LeBron James was involved in a courtside crash during a game that injured PGA golf champion Jason Day’s wife Ellie. The incident occurred when James was going after a loose ball and a courtside crash ensued that sent Day’s wife tumbling backward and caused her to be hospitalized. She was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center, and later released.

Day is said to have suffered from a concussion, but she has no hard feelings against James, since the Basketball player was just doing his job when he was trying to retrieve the ball. James was unable to stop himself from falling into Day, who was seated next to her husband at courtside as they both were watching the game.

The Cavs won by a score of 104 to 100 over Oklahoma.

Nothing new for concerns to be placed regarding courtside seating

Fans often pay a lot of money to be able to sit at courtside and get as close as possible to their basketball idols, but there have been concerns about seating being so close in the past prior to this latest courtside crash by James. Officials say that it is a common thing for the players to leap into the stands during an NBA game to go after a ball, but prior to this incident there hadn’t been any serious injuries.

Coaches and others have said that fans being so close has always worried them because of the speed that the players have during the games. The league has made attempts in the past to try to keep fans safe by lowering how many photographers can to sit beside the baselines so as to reduce their risk of coming into contact with players.

More changes could be needed to protect fans

After this latest incident, it might mean that the NBA will consider applying more changes to keep fans safe who are so close to the playing floor. Other leagues have had to do this after incidents. For example, Major League Baseball recommended putting up extra protective netting around seats that are close to the field after several fans were hurt by foul balls and flying bats.

The courtside crash by James could not have been avoided, but time will tell if the NBA will make any changes in an effort to protect fans who want to sit up close.

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