After only two games in the Lakers’ starting lineup, player D’Angelo Russell is benched and Jordan Clarkson is returning after suffering an ankle injury. Clarkson will play on Tuesday at Staples Center in Los Angeles against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The move is said not to be a punishment, as Russell has done well, but that Clarkson has more experience and has played longer. Clarkson was in the original starting lineup before he was injured, said Coach Bryon Scott, and D’Angelo was filling in. So, D’Angelo Russell is benched and the team is merely going back to the previous lineup.

D’Angelo Russell is benched, but he is said to have made very good progress while he was in the starting lineup for those two games.

Russell averaged a total of 18 points and five assists when the team played the Spurs and Rockets.

The team says they have a lot of confidence in Russell even though he has had somewhat of a slow start. Russell is said to have been drafted by the team last year because they had a feeling he would be a very good player. Russell is a ball handling guard, and as such, he is the one who can dictate the game’s pace, and the team leadership says they believe he can come to do that for them in time.

Lakers in strange spot this season with Kobe Bryant retiring

Additionally, the Lakers are in a strange spot this season, as they are attempting to train up their young players, as well as attempting to honor Kobe Bryant, who is in his final season before he retires.

Team officials say it feels strange to know that Kobe isn’t going to be there next year, and that makes them more determined to focus on their young and upcoming players on the team, of which D’Angelo Russell is one of them trying to make his mark in the game of Basketball.

New players are said to have to earn their time on the floor, and their performances will dictate how many minutes of play they get as they are being developed.

When they originally drafted D’Angelo from Ohio State, the move shocked some, but others saw it as a way for the Lakers to move into modern basketball, which is more guard based than in the past.

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