To the surprise of many people, including Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe himself, Kobe Bryant is leading all the other Basketball players in the first returns of this year’s All-Star Game voting for the game that is to be played in Toronto on February 14.

Kobe told media that he was “shocked” and found out he was leading the All-Star Game voting when he went on Instagram and saw it. Kobe reportedly said he was surprised, but happy and that he was interested in playing the game, as opposed to some of the other players who like to have the All-Star break to rest and recharge.

All Star Game voting has Kobe in the lead; likely legacy related

Kobe said he has lots of off time coming since he is retiring at the end of the season, so he would enjoy playing if he is physically able to do it. He says it would be great to play with the guys one more time.

Bryant isaveraging 17.2 points and34.5 percent shootingfrom the field, which is an improvement over recent weeks, but likely his leading in the All-Star Game voting is due to his star legacy in basketball and not so much on his current stats.

Kobe leading voting by huge margin

Bryant was only 19 when he first became a starter for the Lakers and has since been a huge name in basketball. At that time, he was the youngest player voted into the All-Star game, and has been voted in ever since.

It's actually not news that Kobe is getting a lot of All-Star votes, but it wasn’t expected that he would be ahead by such as huge amount. At the time of the registered count, Kobe had a total of 719,235 and the next player, Stephen Curry (felt by most to be the best right now), only had 510,202. Additionally, if you added the votes for LeBron James and Kevin Durant together, he would still be beating them.

This is Kobe’s final year in basketball since he is retiring, and he isn’t doing as well as he used to, so many of these votes are said to likely be for nostalgia’s sake.

The 2016 NBA All-Star game will be held in Toronto this year for the first time.

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