Kobe Bryant has only 4 months until the Lakers' veteran will retire from the sport of Basketball. Kobe Bryant is expected to be placed somewhere on the Lakers’ list of the all-time greatest of the Los Angeles Lakers players.

As he gets ready to face his retirement from basketball, it may free up the chance for other Lakers players to shine, such as rookie D’Angelo Russell. Bryant made about $330 million during his time with the Lakers, and says he would be willing to return in a non-player status, but that he doesn’t plan on being like Magic Johnson, who at one point returned to basketball as a player.

Kobe Bryant memorabilia selling for high prices on eBay

As Kobe nears his retirement date, memorabilia with his image or signature has already started to become more valuable. A mere five days after he told the world that he would retire, two basketball cards of him sold on eBay for $100,000. The two cards were autographed and were rookie cards portraying Bryant.

The cards showed Bryant making a basket while wearing a Number 55 jersey from his time at the Lower Merion High School. Bryant graduated from that school in 1966 and then immediately went into the NBA. Later on, the Number 33 jersey he wore was hung it its gym. These cards are said to be the best that exist in regards to also being his only rookie cards.

Other collectibles selling like mad on eBay as well

Other Kobe Bryant memorabilia selling for high prices on eBay included a signed jersey for close to $5,000, which sold three days after his retirement announcement. Plus, another trading card sold for $1,875 after starting at a mere 99 cents a few days after the announcement.

Yet another Bryant card sold for $2,700 that was autographed and showed him with two other players.

Cards weren’t the only prize earning high bids, as one of the letters Bryant put out to announcement his retirement to fans, the Dear Basketball letter, sold for $600 a few hours after his retirement announcement and an autographed picture of Bryant making a free throw from when he tore his Achilles tendon April 12, 2013 went for $718 one day later.

With Kobe Bryant retiring from the Los Angeles Lakers in April, after many seasons he will continue to be loved by fans and his memory is likely to continue onward forever in the minds of basketball lovers everywhere.

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