Jose Mourinho is fired by Chelseaafter various problems during the 2015 season.

Back in April, Mourinho was said to be getting ready to celebrate winning the English Premier League title, but then, everything appeared to go wrong this season. Chelsea had qualified for the past 16 UEFA Champions League, but as they lost Monday to Leicester by a score of 2-1, it was their 9th league loss of the year.

Parting on good terms

The official club statementthanked him for his contributions since coming back to the team in 2013, but that he and the board agreed that it was in the best interest of all involved to part ways (addingthat the club would focus on making sure that the team reached its full potential.

Still, they also said that Mourinho was leaving the team on good terms and would always be someone that they loved and respected. Mourinho could get around $60 million in compensation since he had signed a new contract this past summer for four years, but he is expected to take less than that to leave the team.

Mourinho’s record with Chelsea includes several title wins

Mourinho leaves Chelsea after leading them to several title wins, including the Premier League title in May 2015, as well as other Premier League titles, 1 FA Cup, Community Shield, and two League Cups during 2004 to 2007. However, this season the team is in 16th place, which is part of the reason he is being fired.

Mourinho has a tainted history of failing after spending three or more years with one team, and has never been with any one team for more than that timeframe.

His career started in Benfica back in 2000, then went on with Uniao de Leiria prior to his coaching time in his homeland, which ended in victory with FC Porto back in 2002, and the Portuguese club went on to win the UEFA Champions League title back in 2004. His first stint with Chelsea ended in 2007.

Whatever the future holds for both Chelsea and Jose Mourinho, it'll be interesting to see how both fare once the dust settles and they each get back to doing what they do best.

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