Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola staged epic duels while they both coincided into Spanish championship. The once good friends of Barcelona, where they both work together in the early 90's, cannot stand more now and they may re-rival their rivalry in England. After being sacked from Chelsea, Jose Mourinho may be returning  to Premier League already next season, but to manage the rival Manchester United.


But if Mourinho knows well the Premier League, it will be the very first time for Pep Guardiola, who shall leave Bayern Munich to adventure himself into the lands of 'Her Majesty', with Manchester City. 

The greatest manager's rivalry?

They are two of the best managers in the world, but they have their unique styles. Not only in training methods and its teams's organization, but also on the behavior off the pitch.


The Portuguese manager was sacked by Chelsea, just seven months after being national champion for the London squad. This season, the team doesn't go that well and it is at the bottom of the table, with just one point above the teams to demote at the end of the season. Billionaire Roman Abramovic is not famous for being patient and despite Mourinho having qualified for the next stage of the Champions League, the Chelsea's owner sacked him on Thursday. 

Jose Mourinho close to join Manchester United

Many clubs are interested in signing the Portuguese manager, but the coach has already revealed, several times, he prefers England to live and to work, and that's why Manchester United should be his next team, for the next season. The 'red devils' are  not pleased with the work of Dutch Louis Van Gaal, especially after the fall in the Champions League, early in the first round.

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And Jose Mourinho seems to be the favorite of the fans and the owners, according to the News advanced by the Daily Mail. 

Guardiola to join Manchester City

Pep Guardiola should be out of Munich, in the end of the season. The manager is doing it great, but he's been refusing to renew with Bayern, and he should leave at the end of the season. After shining in Barcelona and Bayern, Guardiola should now experience the English championship, where he can rival again with Jose Mourinho.

Pep Guardiola is set to replace Manuel Pellegrini as manager of Manchester City, and to defend the bluer side of the town.

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