All throughout the season the Cleveland Cavaliers have had various players out for injuries, but now the healthy Cavaliers are ready to beat all comers, as everybody was back in the action again on Wednesday night against the NY Nicks. The Cavs won 91-84.

Amongst the now healthy Cavaliers team is Kevin Love, whose shoulder is now finally healed, along with Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert, who kept getting injuries, are now back in the lineup. Mo Williams is also back on the team after he had a hurt thumb. So, it appears that the whole of the 13 starting Cavaliers players are back and there finally is no one on the injured list for the first time in virtually one year.

Team feeling good with all healthy Cavaliers

Teammate LeBron James said as he looked around him that he was feeling good that the team was all back in uniform and the injured players were back in action. The team has a feeling of rebirth for their season, even though it has been pretty good so far this year, with them being 19-7.

The Cavaliers won against the Nicks, which shows that when their Big Three is all uninjured and playing, that they can do the job well. In fact, in the past 38 games with them all playing, they were 35-3. LeBron said that it means the team has its true identity back at last.

Team happy everyone is back in action but say they can win no matter what

Iman Shumpert, Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard, also added that everyone had been waiting for the time when the team had all healthy Cavaliers again.

He says the team is capable of using several differing lineups because everyone is there to produce and are looking to win the game. Having players out hasn’t kept them from winning games.

Coach David Blatt also seemed happy, as it was his first game in a year that he had lots of options of who to play.

During the last game, Blatt played nine players for 14 or more minutes. The coach said he looked to the bench and was thinking that he could put in players without wondering who he had left to play.

The good news is that the fact they are healthy Cavaliers again is great timing since the NBA Finals rematch is coming up against the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day and they stand a good chance at a win.

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