The National Football League instituted a one game Odell Beckham suspension on the Giants wide receiver on Monday due to his helmet to helmet hit on another player during the Giants' 38-35 loss Sunday to the Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium.

The Odell Beckham suspension by the NFL means he won’t get paid during the one game he misses. The suspension came because Beckham violated safety rules during the game, as not only was there a helmet to helmet hit on another player, he was also punished three times for unnecessary roughness. The helmet to helmet hit was very blatant, as Beckham had a 10-yard head start to get to the other player and so could have avoided the impact.

Odell Beckham suspension made due to injury risk to his opponents

The Odell Beckham suspension was enacted by Merton Hanks, who is the NFL Vice President of Football Operations. He said the wide receiver’s actions put his opponents at risk of injury that could have been avoided. He wrote a letter to Beckham in which he told the football player that his actions during the game didn’t represent the high sportsmanship standards expected in football today.

Besides missing the game, Beckham also isn’t allowed to attend any team meetings or other functions or even to watch a practice session, and can’t go to the club facilities, press conferences, the game on the 27th, or be in contact with anyone from the club unless it involves arranging needed medical treatment or offsite rehabilitation.

Beckham can appeal suspension if desired

Beckham may appeal the suspension if he does so within three business days, according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. If he does, the appeal would be heard by Derrick Brooks or James Thrash, as both officers were jointly selected and salaried by the NFL and NFLPA to act regarding any appeals due to discipline of players on the field.

The conduct of the other players who played in the game Beckham received the suspension for are also being checked out to see if there needs to be any other discipline or fines imposed.

A ruling on an appeal is expected to come Tuesday or Wednesday in regards to a final decision on the Odell Beckham suspension, and there is a chance it could be changed from a one game suspension to a huge fine.

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