Lewis Hamiltonbeathisteammate Nico Rosbergagain in the last world championship, but the rivalry waseven biggeroff the track. They just can'thave a good relationshipand the British race driverdoesn't miss a chance to mistreat the German, even during theholiday time. The British warned the colleague thatin Formula 1, there's only placeto one number one, and apparently the Mercedes driver seems to want tomaintain it on his own.

Lewis Hamilton has once again become world champion, relegating Nico Rosberg to the second place. Fans might become a bitdisappointed because of the total dominance by Mercedes and also because Hamilton and Rosberg appeared to rival more off the track than inside the cars.

And this is an old issue that Hamilton is keen to continue to feed.

Hamilton said he had known Rosberg since childhood and they evenbecame good friends. With time and strongcompetition, they had disagreements. "We're in F1 now and he, more than ever, wants to set the record straight. But there's only room for one number one", Hamilton toldPlanet F1.Before Formula 1,hehasmet Hamilton and even showed some discomfort at the level that Rosberg was when he met him, calling him a "golden child".

But it allbegan out ofjealousy?

The British said the first time he saw the fellow Mercedes-driver was in Italy, when he was only a 13 year-old boy. "He would arrive in a helicopter and have the best of everything," he toldPlanet F1 about Rosberg.In the first race, he beat Rosberg in the final lap and they become friends since that day.

But now, everything has changed and they aren't friends anymore. Hamilton doesn't seem to beworking for a friendship, but instead for a great rivalry with Rosberg.

AFP calls Rosberg 'Flop of the Year'

For the news agency, the German could have done much more on the competition, despite making it tosecond place.

With the same car and lots of talent,Rosberg should bring more competition to the last championship, wrote AFP. If Rosberg believes he could win next year, it only meansthat he should do much better this year, so "he failed."

Do you think Rosberg can fight for the title in 2016?

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