The FIFA has informed the UEFA leader that the Michel Platini appeal of his 8-year ban from Soccer can’t be made directly in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) by bypassing the appeals process. He is said to be trying to get his Platini appeal done quickly in order to be able to participate in the February 26th FIFA presidential election.

The FIFA reportedly wrote to the UEFA leader’s attorneys Tuesday in order to confirm that the Platini appeal can only be made to CAS if the governing body's appeals committee has first rejected his request. Also, the FIFA rules say a candidate list has to be final one month before the Zurich election in February, which is the deadline Platini wants to make.

Platini banned along with Sepp Blatter for monetary payment

Platini, along with FIFA president Sepp Blatter, got an 8-year ban due to a payment to Blatter in 2011 for two million Swiss Francs that the president authorized. Blatter is also making an appeal that will be focused on the FIFA’s ethics judge not being able to discover enough evidence of either bribery or corruption.

Blatter wants to give his argument to the appeals committee that the rest of the charges against them must also flop due to the fact that he says all of the evidence clearly shows that his relationship with Platini was appropriate in every way, says Blatter's lawyers in a statement they have made.

Request for some provisional measures already upheld by CAS

The Court of Arbitration for Sport already heard Platini’s request for provisional measures filed to have his 90-day provisional suspension removed. The suspension says that he can’t take part in any anything to do with soccer or any related activity at either national or worldwide levels, until a final decision is determined on the merits of the disagreement by the FIFA ethics committee.

Platini lost that appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport against his 90-day suspension, and it is set to be over as of January 5, 2016. Due to the suspensions for Blatter and Platini, UEFA announced a congress where a new president could be elected, and Blatter has already announced he will stand down from the post.

Even so, the Platini appeal is still in effect, as he tries to get the charges against him dropped so that he can run for FIFA president at the February elections to be held in Zurich.

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