After they decided he was involved in ethics violations in the world of soccer, FIFA bans Blatter, as well as UEFA boss Michel Plantini for the next 8 years. Sepp Blatter is the FIFA president. As the FIFA bans Blatter and Plantini it means there is no one left in charge in the Soccer world until others are put into their old jobs. Voting for a new president has already been slated to take place in February.

The two men were suspended earlier this year in October as the investigation went on concerning two million Swiss Francs, which equals a little over two million dollars. The payment was made to Plantini back in 2011 that Blatter had approved for a job he reportedly did 10 years ago.

Soccer world tarnished by controversies, corruption cases

As FIFA bans Blatter and Plantini, it ends Blatter’s career of 17 years leading world soccer in a disgraceful manner. There have been several cases of corruption and controversy against him and other senior soccer officials over the past while he was in charge.

It also means that Plantini won’t be the one to replace Blatter, who was in the FIFA for four decades, in February at the FIFA Congress. When Blatter stepped down amid ongoing FIFA leadership scandals, it was expected that Plantini would take his place as president after voting. The two of them deny doing anything wrong and are expected to appeal the decisions against them to the Court of Arbitration in Sport, which is Swiss based.

He vows fight charges as FIFA bans Blatter

Blatter says he will fight for himself and the FIFA, and was said to have appeared very defiant over the decision to ban him and Plantini. Blatter reportedly said the ethics committee at the FIFA didn’t have a right to relieve him of his job duties.

There is also an investigation of misconduct going on into the FIFA awarding Russia and Qatar the 2018 and 2022 World Cup finals, especially since Qatar has no actual soccer tradition of it being played there.

Payment wasn’t bribe, but was conflict of interest

The ethics committee announced that no evidence was found that the payment equaled a bribe, but it said it was not transparent and was a conflict of interest. The payment was deemed made with no legal basis and broke the rules regarding gifts and benefits.

Had it been deemed a bribe, he could have been banned for life.

The conclusion of the ethics committee was that the FIFA bans Blatter because his actions were ultimately revealed to be an abuse of his position as the FIFA president, and that Platini saying there had been a verbal agreement regarding the payment showed that he also abused his position and acted without credibility or integrity.

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