Houston Rockets player Dwight Howard has had it with fans and others who say that Howard’s having problems. The heckling got on his nerves during a game on Tuesday in Sacramento, as rumors are flying that he might be traded or that he is unhappy and not really trying.

Despite that, they say Howard’s having problems, he says that he is in it to win and wants to work things out for him and the team. Howard is an eight time All-Star player, as well as a three-time Defensive Player of the Year. Rumors like this have haunted him all during his career, but this time he says everyone is wrong and it’s just nonsense.

Even though others say Howard’s having problems, the star has been trying to ignore his critics, saying that he was the one that chose to come to Houston via free agency in 2013, so why would he say he was unhappy and now wanted to go? Howard is expected to become a free agent this summer again, but says he wants to make things work in Houston.

Howard admits he hasn’t been playing his best, but says all he has on his mind is that he wants to become a better teammate and a better leader. He says he knows who he is as a man and that he also knows what he's trying to do for the city.

Howard not playing well this year, averages show the story

Howard has been averaging about 8.3 field goalattempts a game, which is no better than his rookie year in Orlando back in 2004, and getting about 12.6 points a game, which is the second lowest in his whole career.

These things add up to make it no surprise that things look like Howard is not happy.

Howard has a player option for $23.2 million next year, but likely will become a free agent instead, but says this is just a common sense move because it allows him to sign a long term contract at superstar salary prices.

He is expected to try for the league salary cap amount, which rises to $89 million as of next year, which would raise his pay to $31.15 million next year.

Additionally, the rumors of him being traded do not seem valid, as the team is said to consider him part of their long term plans. Plus, other rumors say Howard can’t get along with All-Star James Harden, but he denies it and says that he came to the team so both of them could grow and be held accountable for the good and bad of the team together.

So, despite the rumors that Dwight Howard’s having problems, he is quick to dispute it and says he's in Houston to stay, win, and grow.

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