Will Smith plays a role as a real-life forensic pathologist in the movie, Concussion, which features information that Football players (as well as parents and loved ones of players) should know about the possibility of football injury dangers, especially head injuries.

Dr. Bennet Omalu, is the doctor who earned hostility from the National Football League after revealing the chances for football injury dangers such as those that happened in Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers. The film is said to bring a very vital issue to the movies regarding football injury dangers to the brain.

Football injury dangers revealed in autopsies of players

The controversy in the movie begins when Pittsburgh Steeler player Mike Webster (known as Iron Mike) isautopsied by Omalu as an Allegheny County Coroner's Office neuropathologist. Webster was only 50-years old and had suffered from dementia in the last few years of his life. Omalu wanted to find out what caused this rapid decline and tested Webster’s brain using his own money when his co-workers told him to give up.

Omalu found that Webster’s brain was damaged due to repeated hits on the head during his football career, which he estimated were at least 70,000 blows. Omalu had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and thought the NFL would want to know about it.

Concussion shows NFL in bad light, they try to discredit Omalu

The Concussion film has drawn some controversy as it shows the NFL in a bad light as they are portrayed as trying to discredit the doctor’s results. Will Smith is said to masterfully play the doctor, making him come alive, copying his accent perfectly, and his mannerisms.

Throughout the movie,Smith and his co-stars play out the story in Concussion about how football is, as Omalu’s wife says in the film, “a beautiful game,” but it also has dark and troubling aspects that many people don’t want to discuss. So, Concussion is indeed a controversial, yet brilliant film that is said to bring out some of these things quite well.

Head injury is something that's hotly being discussed in the NFL and changes have been made regarding head safety for players. Cinemark theaters is inviting all NFL players and their families to watch Concussion free of charge. Smith has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as the doctor and his story of trying to warn people about the possibility of football injury dangers.

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