It is down to the final week of the college Football season with some conferences finishing off their regular season schedules while others will have their conference championship games. It will all come down to this week’s games and who wins certain games. Here is a look at some of the key games that will have a huge impact on who makes the final four teams for this year’s playoff.

ACC Championship: Clemson vs. North Carolina- This may be the biggest game of them all because of where Clemson stands in the rankings going into this week. The Tigers are the No. 1 team in the latest college football rankings while the Tar Heels are sitting at No.

10 going into the week. While Clemson is undefeated at 12-0 and North Carolina sits at 11-1, a win by the Tar Heels could be the worst possible thing for the conference as a whole. North Carolina isn’t going to make the playoff because of their two wins against FCS opponents and a Clemson loss would likely knock them completely out of the top four. This will be a very big game for the playoff committee to look at.

Big Ten Championship: Iowa vs. Michigan State- This game is basically a playoff quarterfinal between the No. 4 team in the Hawkeyes and the No. 5 team in the Spartans. The winner is going to make the playoff while the other will be playing in some other New Year’s Day game. Iowa sits at 12-0 for the season while Michigan State is 11-1 with their lone loss coming at Nebraska by one point.

Many people already have the thought that Michigan State should be ahead of Iowa because of their schedule but the Hawkeyes haven’t lost a game yet and shouldn’t be downgraded because of that fact. Clearly though, this is a huge game for seeding purposes if one of the top three teams loses.

SEC Championship: Alabama vs.

Florida- This game is listed last for a reason. Alabama looks like the best team in the country right now while Florida just struggled to a 27-2 loss against Florida State. The Crimson Tide could easily be ranked No. 1 in the rankings presently but that loss is still haunting them against Ole Miss. This should be a cakewalk for the Crimson Tide but anything is possible during the biggest game of the SEC season.

Florida is 10-2 and ranked No. 18 in the latest rankings while Alabama is at No. 2. If an upset happens, it also means the conference is going to end up out of the playoff entirely probably. That is terribly unlikely though considering that those two teams are going in two completely different directions right now.

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