The N.C.A.A. has upheld its imposition of a nine-game suspension on the Syracuse Basketball coach but with a Jim Boeheim’s penalty modification so it starts now instead of during the Atlantic Coast conference games. That means that with Jim Boeheim’s penalty modification, he will miss a mere three of the conference basketball games.

The N.C.A.A. infractions appeal committee made Boeheim’s penalty modification in part because it has been shown that he wasn’t directly responsible for the underlying violations of academic misbehavior, extra benefits and the drug testing policy at Syracuse.

Boeheim’s penalty modification brought about by appeal

The coach had appealed for the N.C.A.A. to remove the nine-game suspension penalty, but the request was not approved. Instead, the modification of the penalty was made and now he won’t have to be suspended during the conference season games. Boehiem, a Hall of Fame coach, starts his nine-game suspension at midnight right before Saturday’s game in which the Syracuse Orange are scheduled to play their rival, Georgetown.

Boehim’s appeal request came listing similar cases like one involving SMU coach Larry Brown. However, Boehiem was unhappy that he only got two days’ notice for the penalty modification, saying that he didn’t have time to talk to the team prior to the announcement by the N.C.A.A.

of their decision.

Suspension means no contact with team

The rules of the suspension mean that Boeheim isn’t allowed to have any contact with his team, and that includes practice, phone calls or even travel. He also can’t work in his own office or do any TV or radio programs that were contracted. Thereby, he won’t be doing any more official duties for the team until the January 9th game when they play against North Carolina.

Mike Hopkins, associate head coach, will be the coach for the team while Boeheim is under the suspension for the nine games. Boeheim says it will be hard for him to be away from his team since he has only missed 3 games in 40 years and that was only due to him undergoing cancer treatment. He will miss games the team is scheduled to play with Georgetown, Colgate, St.

John’s, as well as Montana State, Pitt, Miami, Cornell, and Clemson.

The original penalty was imposed back in March after an investigation of the team’s athletic department that discovered several violations, but since Boeheim was found not directly involved, Boeheim’s penalty modification was made by the N.C.A.A.

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