As of this upcoming weekend play, the CFP college Football rankings have been determined. The first five teams in the college football rankings are Clemson at number one, and then comes Alabama, then Oklahoma at number three, followed byIowa at number four and finally, the 5th team in the college football rankings is Michigan State.

Game predictions for college football ranked teams

When it comes to which of these teams in the college football rankings will win their games, there are several predictions. For instance, Alabama will play the Florida Gators in the SEC championship. Some experts say the Crimson Tide is the favorite to win, but later on when Clemson plays North Carolina in their game, a spoiler could end up being UNC, but that will not be easy.

The Oklahoma Sooners won the Big 12, but Michigan State is fighting to get a win off of Iowa, and if they do, it would put them at number four. The Iowa State Hawkeyes will start their game being undefeated after they went all through their regular season with 12 wins and no losses. So, they are anxious to finish with a win in the Big Ten title game.

Other game talk for upcoming games pits North Carolina, Clemson

The North Carolina Tar Heels have won 11 games in a row as they come into the ACC championship and they would really make things wild if they can win over number one ranked the North Carolina Clemson Tigers. Additionally, other teams such as Ohio State and Stanford will be watching closely and hoping for some upsets that could help them out.

Depending on the outcome of all of those events, some of the match-ups could end up being Alabama vs. Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl game, as well as Clemson vs. Michigan State in the Orange Bowl.

Other upcoming big events are the Fiesta Bowl, as well as the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. Some of the football teams that could end up in them include Iowa, MSU, as well as Stanford, Baylor, or possibly Ole Miss, as well as Ohio State or Notre Dame.

Time will tell which of these teams will be winners or losers.

So, as the last week of the football season nears, the CFP college football rankings have been determined coming into the weekend, and all these great teams are set to battle for the top rank.

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