Aaron Ramsey could be a key player for Arsene Wenger to save Arsenal’s season. The Welshman will finally go back to his natural position on the pitch – central midfield, after he spent almost two years on the right side, as Arsene Wenger booked three middle positions for Francis Coquelin, Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla. Arsenal's manager explained that Ramsey is a great option for the right wing as he offers stabilization and support for both - defensive and offensive blocks.

After a series of injuries in the central side of the park, Ramsey has a chance to reclaim his preferred position at the box-to-box position, where he can connect between everyone from his team.

But will he be able to fulfil the hopes of theFrench manager? Wenger will be praying that his player will be able to command the whole team and replace Spanish maestro Santiago Cazorla.

Just a few days ago, Arsene Wenger said that he won’t be using Aaron Ramsey centrally to replace injured Francis Coquelin, but things have changed quickly, when Santi Cazorla picked up an injury in the game against Norwich and he will be out of the squad for at least three months.

Ramsey is an offensive player, it won’t be a good choice to play him at the defensive midfield, because it will limit his offensive attributes. I will use him in the central position, but he demands a specific partnership. For example putting him next to Santi Cazorla will be very dangerous, because they are both more offensive players.” – Arsene Wenger said.

“I used Aaron on the right side because he gives us a great balance. You can’t have all your players to be focused only on the attacking side. Sometimes it is crucial to slow down and have total control of the situation on the pitch,” theFrenchman added.

Things have changed quickly when The Gunners lost another player – Cazorla.

Before the Sunderland’s game Wenger admitted that Ramsey is likely to reclaim his position in the central side of the pitch. The Welshman believes that returning to his best position will boost his performances and increase Arsenal’s amount of points in the Premier League.

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