Pitcher David Price has agreed to a 7-year contract with the Boston Red Sox worth $217 million, as the Red Sox sign Price. This is according to an unnamed source of the Associated Press who was knowledgeable about the deal. The contract deal is the biggest that a pitcher has ever been offered, and Price must pass a physical before it is made permanent. The contract is also said to include a 3-year opt-out clause.

Price, an American League Cy Young runner-up, is a left-handed pitcher and was the AL’s top pitcher in 2012, as well as being runner-up two times within 7 major league seasons. His ERA is 3.09, and he has struck out 1,372 people and has won 104 times.

His record is 18-5 and he had a 2.35 ERA this year and struck out 225 players.

Pitching for Tampa Bay, Detroit, Toronto, now Boston

Price’s career went from the Tampa Bay Rays to the Detroit Tigers and now the Boston Red Sox sign Price. Price started with Tampa Bay, then Detroit got him in a trade in 2014. Then, the following year he went to the Toronto Blue Jays and aided Toronto in getting to the playoffs, giving them their first shot at the championship since 1993.

Now, it’s time for Price to aid Boston, which ended up last in the American League East three out of four seasons. Price adds to the Sox rotation, which hasn’t had such a benefit since they didn’t want to pay $155 million for a six-year contract with Jon Lester, who ended up signing with Chicago.

Sprucing up Red Sox roster as Sox sign Price

Price spruces up a roster that hasn’t had a star pitcher since the Red Sox didn’t sign Jon Lester. The Sox had 12 different pitchers that started in at least one game during the 2015 season.

Depending on any upcoming trades or injuries, Price joins the Red Sox roster that could hold other players such as Wade Miley and Rick Porcello, as well as Eduardo Rodriguez and Clay Buchholz.

Other pitchers that may be joining him include Joe Kelly, as well as Steven Wright and Henry Owens, and could be used to fill in, to start a game, or maybe be used in future trades.

So, time will tell how the Red Sox will fare this year after the Sox sign Price and look forward to the pitcher helping them to win future games.

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