British Tennis player, Andy Murray had made a difficult choice. He chose family at the expense of tennis. Murray and his wife, Kim are expecting a child in mid-February. Murray didn't hesitate at all when he declared that if his wife will give birth sooner, he will leave immediately the first Grand Slam of 2016, theAustralian Open.

Thistournament is held at Melbourne between 18th and 31st January 2016. The British player has already changed his schedule for 2016. He chose to attend the tournament in Dubai instead of Miami. His motivation was one of expediency: airline flights from Miami to London are more rare over those from Dubai to UK.

Australian Open – Murray's kryptonite

For Murray, the Australian Open represents a real barrier. So far, he has lost four finals at this Grand Slam in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015.In each of these four finals he was defeated by Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer. Murray has lost two other Grand Slam finals, the US Open in2008 and Wimbledon in 2012, both toFederer. However, Murray took his revenge against Federer at the Olympics in London in 2012. On Wimbledon's grass court, Murray won the Olympic gold medal by beating the Swiss in the final.

Likely to become leader of the ATP rankings

In recent years, Murray was one of the most dedicated players on the professional circuit. He is also a member of the so-called big four consisting of: Novak Djokovic,Roger FedererandRafael Nadal.

He is also the winner of two Grand Slam tournaments, Wimbledon(2013) and theUSOpen(2012).

The way things are looking for 2016theBritish playerhas a realchance ofreaching 1 ATP.Roger Federer has reduced his schedule for the coming season tojust 16 tournaments and Rafael Nadal is struggling to return to his previous form.

Thus Murray, currently ranked 2 ATP, would have been the main opponent for Djokovic in 2016.But his choice must be respected. The fact that Murray wants to be a devoted husband and father doesn't make him a less valuable tennis player.

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