The Cincinnati Bengals are probably going to be without their starting quarterback for the rest of the season. Andy Dalton suffered a hand injury that looks like a fractured thumb during Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelerswhile making a tackle. Dalton threw an interception but tackled the catcher to make sure there was no yardage gained on the play.

Dalton’s thumb was in a cast, and he admitted that he was told there was a broken bone in it, so the truth of the matter is that Bengals lose Dalton at least for now, and maybe for the rest of the year, depending on the end results of the injury after it is accessed by a hand specialist this week.

Time will tell if Bengals lose Dalton for rest of season

Accordingly, the best-case scenario for the Bengals is that Dalton might come back by the playoffs. However, Dr. Mark Adickes, an orthopedic surgeon, said that might not even be possible. Adickes is a medical expert for ESPN. He believes that the Bengals lose Dalton for a minimum of four tosix weeks.

The Bengals have a record this season of 10-3, but it’s not over yet and they have not sealed the deal on a playoff berth. The hope is that Dalton would miss only four weeks and that he’d be back in time for the opening round of the playoffs, if the Bengals don’t get a first round bye. But if he is out six weeks, he could miss the playoffs and that could mean the end of the Bengals’ chances.

AJ McCarron is backup for Dalton

AJ McCarron is filling in for Dalton, and has recently had bothgood and bad days. McCarron has thrown two touchdowns, but the young quarterback has alsomanaged to throw two interceptions.Dalton, by comparison, has thrown3,250 yardswith25 touchdowns,and has a quarterback rating of 106.3.

So, it looks like the Bengals will need Dalton, but everyone must now wait for the results of the opinion of the hand specialist, who Dalton is scheduled to see on Monday. The bottom line is that Bengals lose Dalton, who will at least miss the next few weeks of play with the team, and it isn’t sure when the thumb will be healed enough to clear him to come back to play Football.

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