Tonight marks the end of an era for Women’s National Soccer as the Abby Wambach retirement has been announced and today’s Victory Tour match pitting China against the World Cup champs to be played in New Orleans will be her last.

Wambach says that her body just won’t let her play like a champion anymore and that running and playing in the game of soccer is harder than it used to be. She feels it’s time, so the Abby Wambach retirement is happening and the world of women’s soccer is losing a star player.

She added that the game of soccer has changed a lot since she started playing on the US National Team in 2001.

She said the game has evolved, and that her body knows and that even though her mind is at the right speed to play the game, her body just can’t keep up with it anymore.

A very successful soccer career ends with Abby Wambach retirement

Wambach, 35, has had a very successful career. Some of her accomplishments in women’s soccer are accomplishing 184 goals during international games, which is the most by any soccer player of either gender; as well as winning a gold Olympic medal in 2004 and 2012, and a World Cup in 2015.

Wambach was also chosen as the 2012 FIFA's World Player of the Year, and she was instrumental in helping the University of Florida get its very first national championship as a freshman in 1998.

Wambach’s teammates tout her leadership, playing abilities

Wambach’s fellow players were fast to praise Wambach and tell of how much they will miss her as she retires. They said that she was a good vocal leader, and that she was willing to throw her body out there to help win a game.

Another teammate said that Wambach was legendary and that she meant everything to the team both on and off the field.

Yet another added that Wambach had been the face of women’ soccer for a long time and that she’d likely be talked about for years to come.

Wambach says she will become a soccer fan instead and cheer on the team to win another gold medal, as well as planning to stay active in things like women’s pay versus men’s pay in the world of soccer and other issues.

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