Ronda Rousey is the hottest female in the UFC arena. Rousey is well-known for her string of undefeated matches and easy KO victories. With twelve victories and zero losses under her belt, she came to last Saturday’s fight confident as ever. However, Albuquerque-raised Holly Holm proved she is no easy target for Rousey. At the pre-match weigh-in, the two females were not content with the usual obligatory staring match to intensify the duel. Rousey had to rush towards Holm, probably her way of showing she’s “the Champ." The weigh-in did not end without the two females engaging in a few "sample" punches thrown each other’s way.

Saturday, November 14th, was the much-awaited fight between these two strong ladies. The fight occurred at the Docklands area in Melbourne where fans cheered for their favorite. Both women appeared to be in top form, but the succeeding chain of events will have every Rousey fan bewildered.

At the beginning of the match, Rousey struggled to get her groove on with Holm. The 34-year old Holm, trained in boxing and mixed martial arts, exuded poise and dominance at the very beginning. Rousey tried all her best moves inside the UFC cage, but all those efforts ended in vain. Despite trying to grab and clinch Holm, Holm was able to easily dismantle Rousey within six minutes. It is easy to say that Holm did her homework and studied Rousey’s best moves to avoid losing to the 28-year old former Olympian.

Round one ended in Holm’s favor – as she landed successful oblique kicks and jabs to make sure Rousey’s strong leg got a beating. Holm made sure every straight jab she threw connected as it eventually showed, Rousey bleeding from her lip. Holm was dominant all through the round, as she was able to control the pace and block Rousey’s signature moves.

The second round proved to be a greater disappointment for Rousey’s career. Holm did not hesitate and surged towards a surprised Rousey. Rousey was just about to get off the mat, when Holm aggressively sent off a left high-kick, bringing Rousey back on the mat. Holm was hungry to land a few more strikes to Rousey, until Referee Herb Dean intervened before Rousey took any more damage.

The entire audience was caught off-guard at the sudden chain of events, withthe Rousey KO as the highlight of the fight. The entire Docklands area roared with cheers as the former undefeated Rousey laid still on the canvass. Holly Holm was ecstatic with her victory, claiming the UFC Bantamweight belt after only 59 seconds into the second round. The former champ was rushed to the hospital after the shocking upset since she required a few stitches in her mouth.

Ronda Rousey’s previous opponents were quick to “celebrate” her defeat, with some mocking her performance on last Saturday’s match with Holm. However, the former champion already issued a statement indicating that she will take a break from the UFC, but will definitely come back.

Ronda Rousey still has so much potential even after this shocking upset. A strong clamor from fans for a rematch between Holm and Rousey is already in place. Rousey may have been beaten once, but she has to keep in mind that there is no other way but “up” after getting down.

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