The New Orleans Pelicans basketball team lost its bid for their first win of the 2015-16 season Saturday, as the Golden State Warriors beat the Pelicans 134-120.

The Pelicans team has been fraught with problems during the 2015-16 season with injuries happening to key players on the team. Yet another player, Kendrick Perkins, injured his pectoral muscles in Saturday’s game and is said to now be out for the rest of the season. Perkins was hurt in the first quarter of Saturday’s game, which is the same game that a previously injured player, Omer Asik, had returned to play in after getting over a right calf injury.

The New Orleans Pelicans once again faced the Warriors’ leading MVP guard, Stephen Curry, who scored 53 points in Saturday’s game. Curry has now scored 118 points in his first three games, which is the most points made since Michael Jordan scored 118 in 1989.

Pelicans’ offensive rating low among other teams

Even though the Pelicans have simplified their defense in an attempt to make things easier, they gave up 39 and 43 points in the first quarters of two of their last few games because they allegedly allowed open jumpers and penetration. Plus, their offensive rating is quite low, at 93.6, which makes them 25th of 30 teams.

New Orleans Pelicans bring in new players

Because of injuries to Pelicans’ players like Tyreke Evans, as well as Quincy Pondexter, and Norris Cole and also to some degree, Jrue Holiday, the team has had difficulties beating anyone, mostly from struggles in the first quarter of the game.

The Pelicans also had hoped that adding Tony Douglas to their roster would help them get a win against the Warriors, but it was not to be. Douglas, a defense oriented guard, was signed after the Pelicans let Nate Robinson go. Last year Douglas participated in 12 Pelican games and had an average of a little over four points a game, with two assists.

Pelicans have Davis on hand to help win the game

The New Orleans Pelicans also had Anthony Davis, 22, on their team, but even though he has been voted the player managers would most want to build a franchise around, the team was unable to get a victory on Saturday in their own home court at the Smoothie King Center.

It is the Warriors’ third straight NBA win, and the New Orleans Pelicans’ third consecutive double-digit loss.

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