Taking the2015 American League East Division Championship was a success. Winning the World Series was not, but all that seems to be talked about is the David Price sweepstakes. Is David Price really worth the Blue Jays' time and effort?

Price owns a lifetime record of 104 wins and 56 losses, along with an ERA (earned run average) of 3.09 which includes a dazzling 216 strikeouts and just59 walks per 162 games. Toss in All-Star appearances in five out of eight seasons and a Cy Young Award with two runner-up performances, and his appeal is strong. With these numbers, how could you not sign a guy like Price, especially coming off perhaps one of his best seasons to date which saw him go18-5 with a brilliant 2.45 ERA?

The downside of signing Price

Let’s first talk about why you should not sign a guy like Price. The first reason is he wants money and can probably command a huge salary. Yes, Rogers Communications is probably not too worried about money, but we're not talking about any small check. Instead, we are roughly in the 160 to 210 million dollar range. His postseason statistics are far below average with a 2-7 record to go along with a 5.12 ERA. The fact is that Price will likely want seven or eight years max, but going forward, he'll likely have fewer good years. Realistically you will most likely get four to five more years of solid Cy Young candidate-caliburpitching from Price.

So let’s look at the numbers.

Theoretically if Price was offered seven years at 210 million, he would get 30 million annually. But if he is offered the same contract and pitches the way he has previously for only five years, it would be the equal of paying him 42 million over five years. Now I am not guaranteeing he won’t give you the max amount of years but with baseball being as competitive as it is these days, and the fact that the southpaw isn’t getting any younger, it’s just improbable.

The final reason is do you really want to spend all your money on one guy, when you can possibly land two or maybe even three not as strong but very relevant starter/bullpen pitchers? Zach Greinke, Jordan Zimmerman, Doug Fister, Jeff Samardzija, Hisashi Iwakuma, and Scott Kazmir are just a few players who appear on the list of available pitchers.

I would much prefer to have two pitchers in a row that will contribute consecutive solid starts opposed to overpaying a guy to give you 15 plus wins in the regular season, but then perhaps buckle again come October like he has in the past.

Why signing Price is a good idea

Now, not all would be bad in signing Price. Like mentioned before, his numbers are ridiculous. Few pitchers have put up seasons like Price has and the way he can control a game can be quite special at moments. Forget the 9-1 record Price produced for the Jays but the hype alone made the Rogers Centre one of if not the most electric ballpark in the Majors and made them the most feared team league wide with their torrid second half.

But looking toward the future of this squad, perhaps signing two pitchers instead of one would be the best recipe for success. Also to be reminded that the services of EE, Joey Bats, and the Bringer of Rain will all be available this season is already something to be excited about.

David Price will land a contract in the 2016season, thatmuch is clear. The questions are where will he land, is Toronto good for him, and will he be good for the Blue Jays organization during the years to come?

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